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Places To Visit In Goa

There are many places to visit in Goa. And many things to do on your Goa vacation. In the 70’s, Goa was a sort of Mecca for hippies looking for spiritual enlightenment in India.  Today it has grown from its original persona to a more conventional travel destination with a bonfire and beach rave sub culture that exists in certain parts of the city.

Whatever your style may be you can certainly find activities to entertain while visiting Goa; one of our top travel destinations.  Where they cater to both the all inclusive crowd who want even their unrealized desires to be met and the crowd with simpler tastes who are happy with just a beer (or something a little less encouraged in the United States) and loud throbbing trance music pulsating out over the Arabian Sea from a beach hut, as their electronic answer to the oceans waves.

Your best bet for finding a good party is to hang out around whatever appears to be the most popular beach shack of the season, and chat up the locals (but be wary of getting lifts to unknown venues with strangers).

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Clubs and Bars

Club Cubana

This amazing club with an outdoor dance floor next to their pool looks like a cross between a trendy Vegas night club and a Carribean resort, but it is an entirely different animal.  The music is great, and unlike clubs in Vegas, the pool is open all night!

Nine Bar

Located at the top of a hill overlooking Vagator Beach this is a perfect spot for those looking for a psychedelic experience to watch the sunset to the tune of trance music.  Also a great place to start for those planning on doing a night of club hopping.


Located on Tito’s ln. Kamaki is a laid back beach club atmosphere with cheep beer and good (laid back) music 24 hours a day. 

Psychedelic Journeys

Goa has become famous for their rave parties.  They are not officially organized events, however if you want to go all that you need to do is ask around in the evening, (the locations are not disclosed too early so that the police have less of a chance of finding and harassing ravers) many of the locals will know where it is and be happy to point you in the right direction.  If you do one thing in Goa, the raves on the beach are likely to be the cheapest and most memorable option.


Mambo’s is an open air bar, which plays mostly American 80s rock, making it a nice place to take a break from trance music.  Guys need to have a girl with them in order to get in, so girls can dance here with little harassment, and the guys who do get in have a great time.

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Goa Food



Cavala is one of the hottest resorts overlooking the beach.  Come an enjoy a tasty drink made with Feni, a delicious liquor made from the almond apples, the official drink of Goa. 


Equinox is a top notch restaurant, representative of Goa.  The restaurant features a quiet dining room inside, as well as rooftop dining with a view.  A good place to dine for western tourists because the staff speaks great English and are happy to help you with directions or ideas for your evening plans.

The Banyan Tree

This excellent restaurant is located under an ancient landmark banyan tree located in the Taj Holiday Village.  Cuisine is delicious top quality Thai food prepared by exceptional chefs.  The atmosphere is peaceful between the serene fish pond and the 300 year old tree which creates the feel of a natural wall.

The Copper Bowl

This traditionally elegant restaurant set under a pavilion in the open air serves traditional Indian food.  The food is cooked and served in copper pots and bowls hence the name The Copper Bowl.

Martin's Corner

Starting as a very small restaurant that only served a few locals Martin’s Corner has grown into a full sized restaurant due to the popularity and quality of their food. 

The Plantain Leaf

A good vegetarian restaurant with a view, have a seat and munch on some dosas while you sip a beer and watch the tourists pass by on the beach below. 

Souza Lobo

A family owned business for over seventy years, Souza Lobo has some of the best food you can find.  The owner, Jude Lobo is the fourth generation of the Lobo family to run this restaurant.  Come try the excellent sea food like the lobster thermador, or the crab xacuti.


Good food and cold beer at cheap prices, over looking the Arabian Sea.  Entrees cost around Rs 80-190, or about $2 -$5 US.  At those prices you will have plenty of cash left over for dancing (or drinking) the night away.

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Goa Food

Day Trips in Goa


Like all of Goa, Anjuna was long held by the Portuguese.  Anjuna became hippy central for hippies traveling to India.  It has also been described as the home and capital of trance music, having an influence on many DJs in the genre of music.  However for the average tourist the biggest draw is the flea market on the beach on Wednesdays, where you never know what you’re going to find.


Nestled on the banks of the river Kushavati, Chandor is a more quiet alternative for spending a day, compared with the action and excitement of the main Goa party district along the Arabian Sea. 


One of the main “resort beaches” in Goa, Colva is a beautiful white sand beach lined with many hotels of varying prices and amenities.  If you want a room on the beach for cheap, or are willing to pay a little more, for a little better room this is a good place to stay.

Old Goa

Old Goa was the capital of the portion of India dominated by the Portuguese in the 15th century, until they fled the area to escape a plague epidemic in the 1800s.  The area contains many of the original buildings constructed with beautiful artistic architecture.


Panaji is the current state capital of Goa, moved from Old Goa in 1843 when the Portuguese fled the original sight to escape a plague epidemic.  Panaji is unusually quiet and relaxed for a state capital, especially compared with the jumpin nature of the sea side areas of North Goa.

Ponda's temples

A great day trip stop, Ponda is the sight of many famous temples, with over fifteen in the area.  To get to Ponda you have to pass through Old Goa, making it a great opportunity to see both areas in the same day.  While in the Ponda area, another great spot to check out are the Buddhist Caves.

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Your Stay in Goa, India Bamboo Huts in Goa

The bamboo huts in Goa are known as cocohuts, and they has been the traditional building construction style for as far back as records go.  Some of the resorts in the area feature huts as rooms for customers, however these have been greatly modernized over their humble origins (i.e. indoor plumbing and tile floors).

Avalon Inn

The accommodations are simple in this hostel, (thatch huts with no air conditioning) however the prices are very low, about $22 US currency a night for a private room with a double bed.

Villa Anjuna

Villa Anjuna offers comfortable rooms, which are a bit pricey by Goan standards, however still cheap compared with U.S. prices.  Located near some of the hottest clubs in Goa, this is a great place to stay, however be warned if you plan to hotel hop that you must stay a minimum of three days to book a room here.

Agonda Beach Huts

The Agonda Beach huts look like a Tahitian resort, located right on beautiful, tranquil, and practically unpopulated Agonda beach, these bamboo and thatch huts are comfortable and include personal bathrooms (attached) with running water.

Shangrila Beach Hotel Goa

Located about a block from beautiful Majorda beach in Goa Shangrila Beach Hotel is trueley a paradise, the rooms are moderately priced for Goa (about $32 American for a deluxe air conditioned room).

Given the range of budget accommodation, few people travel with their own tent. An increasing phenomenon though (and a far cry from the triangular tents of yesteryear) is the organized camp of tepee-style tents, such as Bai Tereza Beach Camp at Coco Beach, where the guests gather around a bonfire at night.

There are a great number of campsites on any beach. Your best bet is to look around and find one that has available space where you feel comfortable. All sites have bare bones amenities.

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Goa Stay Connected
Cyber Cafe Locations
Baba Cyber Cafe

NH 17 Chawdi, Near Post Office & Mangesh Refreshment, Canacona, Goa – 403702

Bharat Cafe

Sunshine Building, New Market Margaon, Goa - 403601

Bombay Cafe

Station Road, Margaon, Goa - 403601

Cafe Aram

Panaji Market Goa - 403001

Costy Cyber Office

Paramount Shopping Complex, Opp Goa Palace, Navelim, Goa - 403707

Creative Arts

2nd Floor, Madhuban Apartment, Near Hotel Ameya St Inez, Panaji Head Post Office, Goa - 403001


Shop No 9, Essen Empire, Near Kadamba Bus Stand Mundvel, Vasco Da Gama, Goa - 403802

Divine Cyber Café

26, Panchratna, Margaon, Goa - 403001

Fatima Cyber Cafe

Laxmi Plaza, Bh Grace Church, Margaon, Goa - 403601

Sarvesh Cyber Cafe

25, Karma Paes, Vasco, Goa - 403110

Web Crawler Internet Cafe

Bcg7 Chandranath Apartment 2nd Phase, Opp Mapusa Police Station, Mapusa (Mapuca), Goa - 403507

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Goa Green Stay
Goa India Attractions

While visiting Goa, you can enjoy some of the many unique attractions and activities offered in this colorful vacation destination

Yab Yum Resort

This resort specializes in healthy cooking and dome style huts.  A perfect place to get a Yoga lesson in their fully equipped shala, or if you are against exercise on vacation, just enjoy a nice massage.

Spice Village

There is no better way to take in the wonderful flora and fauna of South India than a visit to Spice Village.  Come and learn what the spices you like on your food look like in the natural world, (if you get lost you’ll be able to make a delicious survival meal).

Taj Garden Retreat

Near the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Taj Garden Retreat is a great jump off point for experiencing the tiger reserve, and to get a more authentic Indian experience than you’ll find on the coast.  The grounds are lush with useful plants growing fresh spices and fruit.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Just south of much larger Chorao sanctuary near Panaji, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is home to a wide variety of rare and beautiful birds.  It is a great place to visit whether you’re a professional ornithologist, or you just want to see avian life in some of the best natural scenery imaginable.


This 211 square kilometer wild life sanctuary is home to many exotic animals, including king cobras, giant squirrels, great pied hornbills and black panther. 

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary was formerly known as Mollem National Park, this 240 square kilometer national park has every type of south Indian reptile, mammal and bird you could imagine.  A great place to take a day away from the beach and see some of the natural wonder of the country.

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Goa Landmarks Temples and Landmarks in Goa

Goa is home to many historic land marks and ancient temples which make great places to visit. On your trip you can explore these ancient and mistic places of worship.

Sree Mangueshi Temple

This temple is one of the most famous temples in India, Lord Mangueshi (one of the many incarnations of Shiva) is worshipped here.  Outside the temple there is a seven story tower of oil lamps or a “Deepmal,” which is lit in honor of Lord Shiva.

Sree Saptakoteshwar Temple

Lord Saptakoteshwar is called the “God of seven worlds,” in the Hindu religion and is one of the many incarnations of Lord Shiva.  Sree Saptakoteshwar Temple is located in Bicholim, it was originally located at Divar, but was removed and buried in a marsh to prevent it from being destroyed by Muslim invaders which frequently attacked at that time.  The temple was later restored.

St. Catherine's Cathedral

St. Catherine’s Cathedral or Se Cathedral was built by the Portuguese during their domination of the region. It took eighty years to complete the construction of the cathedral, and it’s bigger than any cathedral ever constructed in Portugal.

Mahadeva Temple

The Mahadeva Temple at Tambdi Surla is one of the smallest of the famous temples in the area however it is magnificent in the detail of the stone architecture.  The temple is dedicated to one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva.

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Goa Adventure

Goa boasts some of the best coastline and waterways around the Arabian Sea, and with this comes a plethora of exciting water sports.

Water Skiing

The Arabian Sea off the coast of Goa is a perfect sport for water skiers whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are many rental locations available along the beach.


The conditions of the water in the Arabian Sea along the Goan coast are often ideal for windsurfing, and with the many rental spots available it is a great way to spend an hour or two at the beach.


What better way to get a birds eye view on your first day in Goa than to take a parasail up and own the coast?

River Cruises

Whether you take the cruise down the Mandovi River into the Zuari Bay or you go up river to a mineral spring you will love this activity.

Goa Carnival

Known as Intruz the Goan Carnival in the city of Loutulim is a spectacular sight with colorful painted masks, floats and dancers.

Dolphin and Crocodile Sightseeing Tours:

A popular activity for tourists visiting Goa is boat tours to view dolphins and crocodiles (hopefully separately for the dolphin’s sake). 

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